Eric and Keith square off in a $1000 weight-loss challenge!

Who will go from fatass to fabulous?
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Keith, deepdowntruth, and Eric, eric2386, have been friends for 17 years. For the majority of our years of friendship we have struggled with our respective weights. Keith had a few summers at a respectable 180ish weight class, and Eric had a few years in college that he was about 205. All the other years over that time, we have been fatties!

So, two single guys, who are approaching their thirties and thinking about their health as much as trying to be attractive to the ladies, have decided to make a bet. Will a cash bet of one thousand dollars be enough motivation to turn these two lifelong heavies into hotties?

We have decided on the terms, and those will be posted below. We will also post our progress and post about our strategies. Please, feel free to watch this journal as we track our success. Heck, call your friends, pick a favorite to root for and make your own side bets.

We came up with the rules for the bet while chatting online one day. We are not in the same location, so we will be using the honor system. We both have the same make and model scale, so we are just taking it on faith that the company calibrates their stuff before it ships out. :) We had to devise some unique rules to compensate for the fact that Eric is taller than Keith, and currently weighs more than Keith. We both have incentives built into the rules, and there is a clause that will nullify the bet.

So here we go, the terms:

-If on any day between August 27, 2005 and September 27, 2006 (Eric's 30th birthday), Eric weighs less than Keith, Keith will pay Eric $1000.

-If Keith weighs less than Eric every single day leading up to and on September 27, 2006, Eric will pay Keith $1000.

-If both successfully lose weight, but Eric never weighs less than Keith, Eric needs to weigh less than 220 pounds on his 30th birthday to nullify the bet.

-Both Eric and Keith will post their morning weight beginning August 29, 2005. Both will update their weight at least twice a week, and more frequently if Eric appears to be close to passing Keith's weight.

Well, there it is. The bigfatdietbet challenge.
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