Eric (eric2386) wrote in bigfatdietbet,

I realize that most people are thinner in high school, but I have been thinking about my weight and why I was thinner?

I didn't eat. I am not sure if I was significantly more active, but I definitely ate less. I don't remember eating breakfast at all, but that my have changed in the last year or two of high school. And I know I never ate lunch. I hated lunch. Well, I refused to stand in line, and I always felt insecure about my position in the hierarchy of the lunch room.

Anyway, sometimes I would have a chocolate chip ice cream cookie that Keith would buy me, but that was it. So then I would go home and have a big dinner, and then something later in the evening. Even with a big meal in the evening, I am quite sure I was consuming fewer calories back then than I have been up until this most recent dieting phase.

How did I go all day without eating? I am so hungry after two hours of 'starvation' now.

That's it! It is time for the Mary-Kate Olsen diet. Food is readily isn't like anyone dies of starvation anymore, if it gets bad I will eat something. What? Who is Karen Carpenter? Shut up!
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